Squero di San Trovaso

Campo San Trovaso, 1083-1105. (Open Map)


A characteristic old boatyard (squero) dating from the 17th century and located on the rio - or little canal - of San Trovaso. In a particularly picturesque position, it is one of the last traditional squeri still working in Venice. 
Once it was used for the building of all kinds of boats, but today it is used especially for repairing and building gondolas. 
The Venetian term squero derives from “a bevel square”, a work tool. Here you can admire the typical boatyard slipway that slopes into the canal for easing boats in and out, and the tesa, a wooden shelter where boats are repaired and tools are stored. 
The edifice, like the other squeri, resembles the mountain houses of the Cadore area, from whence came the woodworkers and the timber used for building the boats.