Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Ramo Pisani E Barbarigo, 2762. (Open Map)


A Gothic building, of splendid aspect, with spacious windows and elaborate decorative tracery (middle of the 15th century). At the beginning of the 16th century it under went restorations of the facade and in the inside.
In 1742 important decorative work was carried out inside. It was in the great reception hall, renowned for its great Murano mirrors and chandeliers, that Paolo Veronese painted "Family of Darius at the feet of Alexander the Great", that since 1857, has hung in the National Gallery, in London. G.B. Tiepolo decorated the ceiling and Piazzetta painted "The Death of Darius", the great canvas that still hangs in its original place. Other rooms were decorated by Guarana. 
Canova's famous youthful masterpiece "Daedalus and Icarus" was once here but it is now in the Correr Civic Museum.