Palazzo Albrizzi

Sestiere Cannaregio, 4118. (Open Map)


Tipical Venetian Style Palace of XVII Century near the "Ca' D'Oro" Area, houses the German-Italian Cultural Association.
This Palace was part of the Albrizzi Estate. The "Albrizzi" family (originally from Bergamo area) resided in Venice from the XVI Century and built up a fortune through the trades of fabric wear and olive oil. In 1667, they were recognized as part of the Venetian Noblesse thanks to their offer of battle ship to the "Serenissima Repubblica" during the Venetian conquest period. 
Main conference halls are surrounded by Venetian stuccos framing Italian "Affrescos" and together with the typical Murano glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling enrich the ambiance and gives the environment a touch of class and ancient glamour.