Ca 'Zenobio of Armenians

Fondamenta del Soccorso, 2596. (Open Map)


A monumental building, built in late 17th and begining of 18th century, by the venetian noble family of Zenobio; it was built in 1690 by architect Gaspari, Longhena's pupil. In 1850 it became the seat of Collegio dei Padri Armeni Mechitaristi di S. Lazzaro.
The central part of the building has: the Hall of Mirrors (decorated by Dorigny, Lazzarini and Tiepolo), the Direction and many meeting rooms (1st floor); the Chapel and some other ten guest-chambers (2nd floor); the guest-rooms made of 15 rooms with 1/2/3/4 beds(3rd floor). The two lateral buldins have: a gymnastics and paly room, some exhibition rooms, cultural events and meetins rooms, a big kitchen, a large dining rooms. In the garden during summer time there are evening receptions, concerts, dinners and theatres.