Ca 'Pesaro - International Gallery of Modern Art

Calle Pesaro, 2074. (Open Map)


In this enormous imposing mass of 17th century architecture Bald Longhena achieves, in his last creation, an expression of magestic splendour and titanic solidity. 

The building was started from the inside wing of the courtyard, and in 1673, the facade was begun and three years later, the "piano nobile" was built. 
The work was interupted first by the death of Longhena in 1682, and again in 1703, and was only brought to completion in 1703 with the help of the architect Antonio Gaspari, who finished the top floor according to Longhena's plans, and also the side facing the canal. 

Today it is the International Gallery of Modern Art and Museum of Oriental Art. 
Collection of works by 19th- and 20th-century Italian and foreign artists. A remarkable collection of modern art located in a baroque palace built on a plan by Baldassarre Longhena. The museum displays important canvases by European artists such as Klimt, Kandinsky and Chagall as well as masterpieces of 20th century Italian art. 
The palace also houses the Museum of Oriental Art, the most important of its kind in Europe, the founding collection being that of Enrico di Borbone at the end of the 19th century. 
There are exhibits of paintings, sculptures, pottery, and ceremonial armaments and weapons of war, lacquer work, kakemono (Japanese paintings on rectangular-shaped paper) and screens.