Ca 'Foscari

Calle Foscari, 3257-3259. (Open Map)


Just a few minutes from Santa Lucia Station and Piazzale Roma, it is possible to visit one of the most enchanting Venetian palazzi, Ca’ Foscari, which has delighted illustrious figures, celebrated artists and visitors from all over the world for centuries.

Its strategic and scenic position “in volta del canal” (at the bend of the canal), was one of the reasons that inspired Doge Francesco Foscari, who gave the palace its name, to purchase the building in 1452, thus transforming his residence into an outstanding example of Venetian Gothic architecture.

In the 1930s and 1960s the celebrated Venetian architect and designer Carlo Scarpa was asked to restore the area now occupied by the Aula Magna Mario Baratto and adjacent rooms. The Aula Magna also contains two murals dating from the 1930s: “Venezia, l’Italia e gli studi” (Venice, Italy and Studies) by Sironi and “La scuola” (The School) by Mario De Luigi. 

Stretching from the Rialto Bridge to the Accademia galleries, the view from the building is unique and has been depicted by painters over the centuries in splendid vedute.