Basilica of Saints John and Paul - San Zanipolo

Campo Giovanni e Paolo Santissimi. (Open Map)


Consacrated in the 1st half of the 15th Century, the Saints John and Paul's Basilica features a series of Gothic arches while the rather later portal has touches of the Renaissance style. The architectural features of the apse are of great interest; while the interior has numerous works of art including a Polyptych by G. Bellini and a canvas by L. Lotto. The funerary monuments of doges and illustrious personages are interesting and make San Giovanni e Paolo the pantheon of the history of Venice. After the Basilica of St Mark, in point of fact, this was considered the official church for the public life of the Serenissima, as the Venetian Republic was known, and the bodies of the Doges were brought here after the lying-in-state and the public funeral rites.