Venice: Food Tasting Tour with Cicchetti Dishes and Wine

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Treat your tastebuds on a guided shared group or private tour of Venice’s wine bars and their Cicchetti dishes. Pair these traditional foods with Italian wine and immerse yourself in local culture.

Discover Venice's renowned culinary culture on a guided walking tour of local neighborhoods and wine bars. See where locals eat and drink as you enjoy wine and delicious dishes known as Cicchetti. Begin your adventure in the Cannaregio neighborhood, one of the few remaining residential areas of Venice and a popular after-work meeting spot for thirsty locals. Join your guide on a relaxed stroll through the area and then cross the Grand Canal on a traditional stand-up gondola to Rialto. Try some fresh fish at a small eatery, owned by a group of young locals with a passion for experimenting with traditional recipes, giving them a modern twist. Try dishes like black ink calamari, polenta with seafood, tuna balls with tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables, all served in elaborate dishes. After this round of mouth-watering tastings, head to a few local spots that will help you better understand the culture of Cicchetti bars in Venice. Get tips from your guide about how you can make the most out of your stay and experience authentic food away from the tourist traps. Visit a bar owned by two Venetian brothers with a passion for locally sourced food and wine. Try a favorite local sandwich known as tramezzino, paired with a Venetian Spritz. You will also try some favorite local dishes such as creamy codfish baccalà or stockfish (dried cod). Learn of some secrets and hidden spots near the Rialto, which will demonstrate the importance of moving just one street away from the tourist hordes, to get a little slice of Venice to yourself. Try some meat and cheese Cicchetti the next bar, with lasagna and a pasta dish on the menu. Conclude your tasting adventure with a well-deserved dessert, a delectable Tiramisu. Finish the tour in Campo San Bartolomeo, which is surrounded by great restaurants and shops. Your guide will be happy to help you with recommendations for continuing your evening, or more tips on what to do.